About Calum McKinlay heating and plumbing. Central heating engineers in west Lothian

A short story about how Calum McKinlay became a gas and oil central heating engineer.

Calum McKinlay the owner of the business has nearly 20 years experience in the heating and plumbing trade in the industrial commercial and domestic sectors. Calum is Gas Safe Registered, has a level 3 HVAC SVQ in industrial, commercial and domestic central heating engineering, served a four year apprenticeship and is in charge of all operations AT CALUM MCKINLAY HEATING & PLUMBING, AND CALUM MCKINLAY LTD.



"We started trading in 2007 on a part time basis and the business has grown steadily since".

The business has a large client base and a number of contractors and subcontractors who expect nothing less than an impeccable service, and we aim to keep delivering that promise.


 It can be difficult to find the right person for your job, but rest assured you've ended up in the right place.

There are usually many questions from potential and retained customers alike. We provide a friendly service and will always provide free estimates. We're confident that after speaking to us, you won't want to go anywhere else. It has become a bit of a minefield out there. New businesses pop up every week as someone else wants to "have a go at this self employed malarkey"! It isn't long before they find themselves out of their depth and dive back into full time employment. It's happened with a number of our subcontractors!

Now past our first decade of running a heating and plumbing business, our reputation and experience speaks for itself. You just need to do a bit of research on us to see our positive feedback. Don't be afraid to shop around, but just make sure you're aware of what you are getting for your money. We have been undercut many times in the past by other traders offering a cheaper price, but inevitably these traders make more profit than us, and are still able to offer a keener price due to supplying inferior products. Needless to say we usually end up back within a year or so to an apologetic, submissive customer, to correct faults in the system, and in some cases, remove and start again. Some companies producing boilers these days are designing boilers to last 5 years! Whilst saving one or two hundred pounds seems like a good idea at the time, the saying "you get what you pay for" springs to mind comes into a league of it's own with a permanent gas appliance fitted into your home!

Our top tier applainces are designed to last 20 years! We do not believe in fitting cheap throwaway boilers!


If you'd like to discuss anything with us just drop us a line. We're always happy to hear from new customers, but we will always prioritise our existing clients. Just hit the one of the buttons above.

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