Power flushing and central heating system cleaning, West Lothian


Do you need to power flush your central heating?

  A powerflush works to remove any debris, rust and sludge that has accumulated within your central heating system, a power flush will restore the full circulation of water, improving the output of your boiler and radiators.

If left to build, contaminants will slowly reduce the efficiency of your central heating system, eventually leading to component and radiator failures.


What does a powerflush involve?

A qualified heating engineer will cleanse your central heating system with a powerflush machine that uses high flow and low pressure to circulate high strength cleansing chemicals including a descaler. 

We are targeting rust, sludge, limescale and debris, which can build up over time due to system faults or improper appliance installation. When the flush is completed, circulation will be restored throughout your central heating system.


What are the benefits of a powerflush?

  • Increased lifespan of central heating system

  • Increased efficiency

  • Reduced risk of breakdown

  • warranty restoration


How will I know when I need a powerflush? 

While a powerflush isn’t a solution for every central heating fault, if you notice any of the signs below, talk to your local engineer:



A central heating powerflush is may be required if you’re installing a new boiler without upgrading your whole system. A powerflush will prevent any old contaminants from damaging the intricate components of your new boiler.



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